About Us


AC Chronicles was founded for the mission work for mothers, survivors, and dreamers. For our founder, Aliyah Cherrisse, is considered to be all three; we wanted to create a social and physical platform to encourage others like her to self heal, chase their dreams, and win over adversity. Founded on the sole purpose of service by way of speaking and educating, AC Chronicles is aiming to be a highly sought after organization for women across the nation to whom we will provide family resources, educational tools, networking opportunities, and more. We will succeed by touching, healing, and rebuilding at least one heart that will be willing to pay it forward. We aim to create a trickle down affect, that will stretch beyond our own imagination! As our founder always says: “I believe that women are the pillar of our communities. You heal a woman, you heal a nation!” From that came the purpose of our organization.


AC Chronicles will continuously grow in our efforts to provide avenues for the women we engage to be empowered, encouraged, educated, and sometimes even entertained. With this, we’re aiming for them to always feel confident operating in their fullness as women, mothers, and community pillars. Our goal is to provide them with the tools and resources they need to become confident in their stance in life. From that we discovered our vision.


AC Chronicles will set to become a global platform to ensure that we are making an impact on bridging the gaps so that we can revive our villages of parenthood. We will continuously aim to be a motivating force behind the strengthening of families, advocate for dreamers by assisting with resources, and supporting survivors. The Chronicle Crew plans to organize, produce, and execute several community service events on a quarterly basis to give back to those in need as well as a host of: networking socials, empowerment gatherings, and educational programs for our mothers, partners, and sponsors to build from.

Fun Fact:

Our vision is big and our faith matches! As we believe and follow the word of Christ, we base our work off of 2Corinthians 9:7, “For God so loves a cheerful giver.” Being lead by and working accordingly to His word, A.C. Chronicles plans to uplift communities with the agape love we are all worthy of and taught about in the word. We are God’s givers of love, time, resources, & prayerfully: HOPE!